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Annual Report

PRINCIPAL’s ANNUAL REPORT --------- 2018-19

Chief Guest Prof. Gurbhajan Gill for this 5th Annual Day, Distinguished Guests, staff Member Ladies and Gentleman and my dear Students of Good Earth Convent School.
IT gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our 5th Annual Day and to present to you the Annual Report of G.C.S for the year 2018-19 . It is our fifth annual report, I principal with the help of my staff make this day wonderful and unforgettable A few staff member including our founder principal Dr. Sapandeep kaur Gill have left us is 2018-19 and I take this opportunity to sincerely thank them for their service to this institution .

A few too, have joined us in 2018 -19 and I wish them to make our school environment pleasant .We have selected our theme for this year, “Innovation and creativity”. To increase creativity we conducted various activities and co- curricular activities with innovative ideas from the staff members, parents and inter House Cooperation . Teamwork and cooperation are closely linked, and exchange of ideas make students more efficient I think that if we at G.C.S have achieved anything this last year, it has been the result of tremendous cooperation on the part of everyone associated with this institution, but very especially the staff, who have strived might and main to mould the students into future shining citizens of India.

Let me now begin my report with the activities of the pre – Primary section and then move on the primary, Although many of the school programmes integrate children of all the sections .
The pre-Primary, tucked away at ground floor of the school building is a perfect introduction to a school . The academic year began with an additional section of the Play way . An orientation programme was conducted for the parents of the Pre primary , to help them get acquainted with the philosophy of Quality education and the class routine . All the skill gained through the year were displayed when the children confidently walked onto the stage for the first time of their lives, for the plain Speaking event , and when , at the Annual Prop Sports, the turned somersaults, navigated through an obstacle course and danced to music .

Primary: Educational excursions to interesting and cultural place were made, such as a Chandigarh –chunki Dhani Nadda Sahib , Pinjore Garden .

The Annual Exhibition showcased the talents of every student. There was an obvious integration between art skills and the variety of concepts imbibed in class drawing out the pupil’s innate creative capacity , Kites, masks, Flag and post painted by the students were proudly displayed , Picture Displayed n reception display board. I shall now turn to some co – curricular activities that we are engaged in . The inter house Debate, Quiz competition countinues to be one of the biggest attraction of the year our students practice long and hard for this event . The honors for the last year went to the Sutlej House. To provided various social /society bassed programme as N.S.S and school band for prayer , Nagar kirtan , March past etc .I would like to announce exam positive points Teacher Training for the up gradation of teacher and to introduced to technological based methods. Olympiad exams school conduct silver zone and science foundation Olympiad exams for the betterment of students at to develop spirit of competition .Our students perform excellent in English Math’s science Hindi Gk comp. S.st.

Medical Check up – School provide medical checkup for student as well as Teacher’s to aware them health and hygiene
NSS Camp- School organized NSS unit to facilitate student with social and public experience .

Then we have had the usual rounds of debates, quizzes, elocutions- in English language .

The true test of a school’s co – curricular programme, is its participation and meritorious performance when it comes to inter- school activities . I am happy to report that G.C.S ‘s has participated in nearly a dozen such programme. The Best dimension of the human personality is the physical. I now turn to Sports AND GAMES.

The year 2018-19 has been an eventful year for our students on the sports field . We organized Inter House, Inter Class event – Manraj Singh Gill (10th ) Loveinder Singh (8th) Jashandeep Kaur Gill (9th) Amandeep Kaur (7th) the Best Athletes .

At last, I conclude that this year was our good in academic and co-curricular. Now we have great target to make our 10th class result excellent . I wish best wish all the best to all the student of 10th class I thank you all to listen me patiently .

Thank you