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Goodearth Convent School

Goodearth Convent School

Affiliated No 1631108

Admission Procedure

Application for registration of only those children who attain a minimum age of 2 years will be entertained. It is mandatory on the part of parents to submit an attested photocopy of birth certificate of their ward from the Local Registrar of Births & Death, one recent family photograph and two photographs of child along with the registration form for admission. Howeve, the original date of birth certificate must be produced at the time of admission for verification purposes.

Important. The parents are sole responsible for the documentation of their ward i.e.submission of DOB certificate, photographs, correctness of spellings of the name of the ward, mother & father, adding surnames etc. The information once recorded shall not be altered.

We follow the RTE norms for granting admission. The admission can only be taken within the stipulated date and time.

Age Requirements

A child should complete the age indicated below against the class on the commencement of the academic year.

Nursery 3+ years
L.K.G. 4+ years
U.K.G. 5+ years
1st Standard 6+ years

Fees Structure

Second Child 40% Concession in Tution Fee Only.
Session : 2023 - 2024
Registration Fees Rs. 2000/-
Caution Money Rs. 1000/- Refundable (For New Students Only)
Annual Charges For Other Facilities  
Nur to X Rs. 3000/-
Yearly Development Charges  
Nur to X Rs. 1500/-
Monthly Fee  
Nur  to UKG Rs. 1080/- pm
I to V Rs. 1185/- pm
VI-VIII Rs. 1400/- pm
IX-X Rs. 1510/- pm

Fees Structure For Class Xl & X11

Registration Fees Rs. 2000/-
Caution Money Rs. 1000/- Refundable (For New Students Only)
Annual Charges For Other Facilities  
Xl & Xll Rs. 3000/-
Yearly Development Charges  
Xl & Xll Rs. 1500/-
Monthly Fee  
Xl & Xll Science Rs. 2160/- Per Month
Xl & Xll Commerce Rs. 2160/- Per Month
Xl & Xll Humanities Rs. 2160/- Per Month

General Rules

The rules and regulations of the school ensure a smooth functioning and provide an outline of code of conduct to the parents and children during their stay at school. Abiding by these rules will be in the best interest of all concerned.

1. Every student must reach school five minutes prior to morning assembly.
2. The School reserves the right to terminate the continuance of the students with unsatisfactory progress in studies or whose conduct is a bad example for others.
3. Bullying or use of foul languages are punishable offences Any one found doing the same is liable to be expelled from school.
4. Students are strictly forbidden to bring weapons of offence or objectionable literature/pictures/i-pads/CDs/Pen-drives, floppies etc. to school.
5. Damaging or losing school property is a serious offence. Such damages will have to be made good by the defaulter only. Damage done by accident should be reported to the class in charge immediately.
6. In the interest of their own safety, students are advised not to buy or receive any gift/food stuff from any one at all en route.
7. Students are not allowed to wear any jewellery or bring any valuables to school. School is not responsible for the loss of any such belongings.
8. Students cannot leave school campus on any pretext during school hours except in an emergency with the prior permission of the principal.
9. Strict adherence to prescribed uniform, cleanliness and personal hygiene is to be ensured.
10. No Physical violence is permitted in the school premises. Creating indiscipline, using unfair means in examination or deviation from any school rules will result in the strict disciplinary action.
11. Bringing mobile phones to school is strictly forbidden.
12. Respect towards the teachers and seniors is of prime importance. Disciplinary action is anticipatory if found guilty.