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Goodearth Convent School

Goodearth Convent School

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Principal Message

Dear Parents,

As the Principal of Goodearth Convent School, Siahar, my focus is that every student should develop a Holistic Approach towards life. Education with Holistic Approach is not only concerned with intellectuality but also deals with emotional, social, physical and spiritual prospective. It helps students to explore their passion and interest. And once the student reflects on this there is a transition of mind-set. It not only starts paving the path of progress but also develops a gratitude for everyone and everything around.

Holistic learning supports personalized learning for every young student and when properly supported by teachers, it can help students learn independently and work at their own pace. It is a healthy mix of indoor and outdoor activities. The change in scenery and this novel method helps to negate boredom and keeps the students receptive to learning. This ultimately builds their self-confidence and individuality. And they not only perform well at academic levels but also learn to face the challenges of life more boldly.

Mr. Naveen Bansal