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Goodearth Convent School

Goodearth Convent School

Affiliated No 1631108

Aims and Objectives

  • To expand the mental horizon through exposure to the latest in the world of science, humanities, informatics etc.
  • To inculcate a sense of pride in Indian traditions and cultural values and respect for other cultures.
  • To ensure all round development of the personality and outlook of the students.
  • To bring out and nurture the potential of each in terms of body, mind and spirit and to enable the students to think rationally and objectively so as to develop a scientific temper.
  • To provide education based on intellectual curiosity, logical thinking, critical judgement and clarity of expression, both written and spoken.
  • To develop a well balanced personality through exposure and keen participation in sports, hobbies, work experience, outdoor activities and competitions.
  • To impart the education to the best of our efforts so that the students excel morally, mentally and physically as well.

Development Of Hidden Talents

We expose the child to hobbies like reading, sketching, writing, cartooning etc. and ensure that discipline becomes a second nature of the child. We don't try to teach values of life throught the fear rather we help these to grow from within the child. Consistent individual monitoring of every student enables the teachers to recognize the field in which a particular child can excel. Children with similar interests and inclinations are grouped together and then the teachers help them to nurse and cultivate their talents in order to achieve this. The number of students in each class is restricted and an ideal teacher pupil ratio is maintained.